My special event just disappeared?

All of our special in-game events can be played for a limited time, which means you'll have to complete the challenge or reach the target before this period expires. If you can't access the event, it's more than likely that the event has already finished. Therefore you will not be able to play, the event will be over... until the next time! 

If an event has disappeared before the timer had run out, it might be due to a change or disconnection on your device. As our games recognize you due to your King or Facebook profile connection, it’s worthwhile disconnecting and reconnecting to your profile to see if this ‘refreshes’ the visibility of the event in your game. You can find options to log out and log in to your King or Facebook player profile in the settings menu of our games.

Finally, there is a chance that we have decided to remove the event due to technical issues. While very infrequent, this is something that can happen if we notice a special event is causing problems and it is not working as perfectly as we expect.

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