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How to send and receive lives

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edited October 2018 in General Questions

Sending and receiving lives is quite simple!

Keep an eye on the heart on the top right corner - Once you have used your 5 lives available at the beginning of the game, you will have two options: either buy lives using your Gold Bars, or ask your friends to send you help!

Once your friends respond favourably to your request, click on the heart at the top right corner. A window then opens and says: "Your lives are here"! Once you accept your lives, you will be asked if you want to send lives to your friends back. 

Please note that you can only accept up to 5 lives from your friends and only when your counter is zero. If your friends send you several series of life, you will only see 5 in your game. You can of course receive more as soon as you accept them.

Watch the tutorial:

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