Tiffi, can you help some of these fans?

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Before Tiffi responds to some of the issues, she has a question for you. 

Are you playing Candy Crush Saga through Facebook?

It’s not necessary to play the game through Facebook but please keep in mind that Facebook saves your progress.  For example, if you purchase a new mobile device and haven’t played through Facebook, your progress isn’t saved and you will be start back at level 1.

Can you help this fan please?

“I am playing Candy Crush on my new mobile device but it has started me back at level 1 instead of my current level.  What’s going on?”


Don’t fret!  Since Facebook saved your progress you just have to follow these instructions.  What you need to do is to log out of Facebook and then log back in.  You should now be back at the current level.  If that doesn’t work, try to shut down the mobile device and then try those steps again.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to reset your mobile device to the factory settings but please keep in mind that by doing this you will lose all of your saved boosters.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t been playing the game on Facebook, those levels were never saved.  So please, Candy Crush fans, if you haven’t been playing through Facebook, make today the first day that you log in via Facebook! Technology isn’t perfect as we all know, but by logging in your progress should always be there.                  

Oh my, Tiffi, the next question might be a challenge for you.

“How can I transfer my Candy Crush Saga history from an old Facebook account to a brand new account?”


That’s not possible because you sign in with your email address and password on Facebook and that’s where you play your game.  When you create a new Facebook account it’s not possible for this to happen because it’s starting you at level 1 again.  Whether this will change in the future, I don’t know, but for now please keep in mind if you create a new Facebook account you will be starting a new game again at the beginning.

Tiffi, this question from the fans keeps coming up a lot. What do you have to say about this?

“Help!  I lost all my boosters and I had a large collection.  How did that happen?”

Please note that the boosters are saved to your device and not the game data, so you can use them when offline too. This does mean that any updates, crashes or device changes can cause these items to be lost.  For this reason, we do not recommend storing too many of the won boosters as these can indeed be lost, unlike Gold Bars.

How about this question?

“I had a Facebook account but I deleted it a while ago. Recently decided to make a new one and I lost my progress. How can I get my progress back?”

Facebook has its own community and one of its Rising Stars wrote this:

“You can only recover a deactivated account. If you fully deleted (not just deactivated) your account, it is gone. It can't be recovered. That's why it's called "delete" and "permanent". Facebook can't recover it for you, they have already removed the content from their servers as you requested (and as they promise in their terms).”

Excerpt from here

Tiffi, have you ever seen this issue before?

“Why am I not receiving the lives that I requested from my friends?”

Please try to understand the huge volume of messages being sent globally and because of this some messages might get lost.  Try re-sending your requests and if this doesn’t resolve the issue, please try posting your question on King Care.

Tiffi, what about this question?

“How do I make a print screen of the glitch so that I could post my question on King Care?”

Follow the directions from this website here

Tiffi, I think we can help this fan with her question

“Why are you making some of the levels so difficult that it’s impossible to clear with hardly any moves?”

Yes, some of the levels can be more challenging, but you might want to try to do the sugar drop challenge which will help you collect free boosters.  You can play this every 8 hours and collect up to 13 free boosters.  You can read more about this challenge here.


Tiffi, I’ve seen this question asked quite a bit, can you help?

“Why did my game go back to the old version and how do I get it back to the new version?”

Sure, I can try to help.  Assuming that you are on a computer/laptop the first step would be to make sure that your browser(s) are updated.  Then try to remember that the histories on these browsers need to be cleared daily.  Click here to find out how to clear the history on the different browsers.

You can also read more about the browsers from one of our King Moderators here

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