A Superstar guide to Candy Crush Saga features!

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The Treat Calendar Booster is an awesome free treat to receive daily. The calendar will pop up as soon as the game opens.  And a checkmark will be placed on the booster for that day.  You must come back daily to start earning prizes on the "treat calendar".


The Party Booster was introduced to mark the 5th anniversary of Candy Crush Saga. It was offered as two free boosters and when activated it removed all the candies on the board and damaged each blocker once.  So far it hasn’t been released as a regular booster but perhaps in the future King might just offer it to the fans again.

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The Conveyor Belt is a teleporter and can be viewed either horizontally or vertically.  The pink arrows show the direction that it’s moving.  It moves in a continuous loop, so as they go off one end they reappear at the start of the next portal.  You do have to pay more attention to these because it can help you clear a blocked jelly or make a combo match.

And here we have the Candy Crush Shuffle!  It rarely happens but when there are no more possible moves you will see this pink bag pop up in the middle of the board and it will shuffle everything inside and then randomly send the candies back on the board.  If there are still no matches it will shuffle it again.  After a couple of shuffling attempts it will end your game.

The Rainbow Candy changes colors, like a Chameleon lizard, however, unlike the lizard it can only change between 2 colors.  It kind of makes you think about your next move knowing what color it will become next.

The Treasure Chest is a challenge event.  You can find them on certain levels.  You will have to click on the key and once you do that the treasure chest should open up.


The Sugar Drop Challenge gives you great opportunities to earn a sweet in-game reward! Play special levels and you’ll receive candies called Sugar Drops! The more Sugar Drops you have, the further along the Sugar Track you’ll go and the closer you are to claiming your reward.  You can play this challenge every 8 hours and earn up to 13 free boosters each time.  You can read more about it here

The Sugar Keys come in different color keys.  They can be swapped, matched or destroyed.  They can also come out of dispensers. These keys will unlock the locked cells but sometimes you need to collect several keys to clear all of them.  On ingredient levels the keys can unlock a dispenser where the ingredients drop from.

The Space Dash is an event that offers you a free candy booster if you clear a level on the first try. It will automatically be added to the next level. Every time you continue to clear a level on the first try, you will get an increase in free candies. It’s a great way to collect these!

The Dexter’s Delight Striped Candy Challenge requires you to collect striped candies in a given time frame. You must clear the level for these candies to be counted. If you fail the level the candies collected will not be counted.

Collect Red Candies Challenge – match a required number of red candies collected from any level to win free candy boosters.  Sometimes King will offer this challenge in other candy colors too.

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