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The Daily Booster Wheel gives you the opportunity to add boosters to your game every day. It's very difficult to hit the jackpot on the Booster Wheel but if you’re lucky enough to hit it you will get a bundle of boosters.

The +5 Extra Moves Booster is offered as a purchase for a failing level.  This booster will give you five extra moves when activated within a game.  If you fail the same gameplay more than once, the game offers you to buy an additional booster, but getting more expensive each time you do.

The Lollipop Hammer is my favorite booster!  This is a booster that you can get from the daily booster wheel or playing the sugar drop challenge.  It can be used to get rid of one blocker square such as chocolate or jelly.  Since it’s just a hammer, it can crash anything that you’d like. 

The Jelly Fish Booster is another booster that is provided before starting the game.  You can get this from the daily booster wheel or the sugar drop challenge.  You need to match it with two candies of the same color to generate the move.  When activated it will swim around and eat jelly squares at random.  This can be very useful for hard to reach areas.

The Switch Hand Booster enables you to switch two side-by-side items on the board and you don’t have to use a move to do it.  Just click on the hand and click on the square where you would like it to be.  This booster can be very handy if you see a color bomb booster and a striped booster close to each other.  Move the two next to each other and then watch the explosion take place!  The hand can be used to make any booster combo.  These can only be obtained from the daily spinning wheel or playing the sugar drop challenge.

The Coconut Wheel is another special candy that cannot be generated within a game with any candy combination. It either is provided within the game or gained from the daily spinning wheel or sugar group challenge.  You will find this available only for ingredient levels (nuts/cherries).  When used, the Coconut Wheel will roll over the next three candies in one direction, converting them to Striped candies and then triggering them.  You can control the direction by swiping it across making 3 striped vertical candies or moving it up or down making it striped horizontal candies.  But be careful because if you get an explosion near this coconut wheel it’s going to choose its own direction.  It’s great at clearing out a whole column for ingredients to drop.

The Bomb Cooler Booster is a purchased booster.  This works well when you are close to winning and just need that extra couple of moves.  But it is a purchase item.  With the purchase each bomb will be given an extra 5 moves which will then be added to the current number of moves left on each bomb.  So, if you made the purchase because a couple of bombs were about to explode but others still had say 3 moves left, with the purchase those bombs would now have 8 additional moves left.

The UFO Booster is a really cool booster.  It can be activated by switching it with an adjacent candy.  It lifts off and hovers over the board shooting wrapped candies into 3 squares at random.  Then it flies off the board and the 3 wrapped candies explode

The Lucky Candy Booster can be earned by playing the daily spinning wheel or sugar drop challenge. You can usually find them on the ‘collect the orders’ levels.  When used as part of a match or a combination, it will transform into another special candy.  Since it’s a mystery candy booster, you won’t know what it will transform to until it’s used. It happens at random and will transform to something you may need for that level.

The Mystery Candy Booster is just what it says – it’s a mystery!  You never know what hides underneath it. It could turn into a blocker such as chocolate or licorice or any blocker for that matter.  If it turns into chocolate and you can’t find a match next to it to destroy it, the chocolate will start to spawn to other squares.  But it could also become a good mystery too such as a striped or wrapped candy. The name serves it well because it’s questionable and you never know what’s hiding underneath it.   

The Candy Frog Booster consumes any candy that is matched with his color.  When matched with enough candies it will be stuffed (his body will be increased in size) and you can hear a voice saying “Frogtastic!” You can then make him jump to a blocked area on the board clearing a 3 x 3 area surrounding the place where he lands.  After that he will change to another color.

The Treat Calendar Booster is an awesome free treat to receive daily. The calendar will pop up as soon as the game opens.  And a checkmark will be placed on the booster for that day.  You must come back daily to start earning prizes on the "treat calendar".


The Party Booster was introduced to mark the 5th anniversary of Candy Crush Saga. It was offered as two free boosters and when activated it removed all the candies on the board and damaged each blocker once.  So far it hasn’t been released as a regular booster but perhaps in the future King might just offer it to the fans again.

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