A Superstar guide to Candy Crush Saga Blockers (Part 1)

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Chocolate blockers can multiply.  Some game boards will begin with a set number of chocolates, but for every move that you don’t clear, a new one will spawn.  You can crush the chocolate by making a move next to the chocolate (either a 3-candy combination or a special candy combination). 

The Chocolate Spawner will regenerate chocolate and keep regenerating new chocolate even after you’ve cleared every piece on the board.     For every non-chocolate crushing move you make, a new piece of chocolate will be spawned. Only one piece of chocolate will spawn at a time but beware - a level can have more than one chocolate fountain and these fountains cannot be destroyed.

The Bomb Blocker is colored just like all the Candy Crush Saga candies and can only be cleared through a 3-candy combo or by a special candy. The number inside the bomb indicates how many moves you are given to clear the bomb. If you don’t clear the bomb in the set number of moves, the game is over and you lose a life.   When a candy bomb explodes, the turn ends and you lose a life.

The Cake Bomb is a round pink cake with a star in the middle and is made up of 8 slices.  It can be destroyed by making a match alongside the edges of the cake or with special candy combos.  When all 8 slices have been cleared, a pink party popper will appear on the bottom right side of the screen and will send out an explosion that removes everything on the board.  However, if a blocker has more than one layer to it, only the top layer will be removed.  If there are two cake bombs on the board and both clear at the same time, you will see the first party popper explode and then a second party popper will appear for the second cake bomb and clear the board again.  It would then remove a second layer of a blocker but if the blocker still has more layers they will still need to be cleared.

The Popcorn Blocker is one of the strongest blockers that the game team has invented.  It can’t be moved and must be hit 3 times before it explodes and gives you a colored bomb.  Each time that you hit it the popcorn grows a little larger until it explodes.

Licorice Swirls (or blocks) take up spaces on your board where there could be candies. These can be cleared by making a move adjacent to it.  This blocker is a bit unique in its characteristics–while it takes up space on the board, it has no color and cannot contain a candy.  A licorice swirl, like a candy bomb, are moveable. This means you can switch a candy with a licorice swirl to make a move.  Even once you’ve cleared all the licorice from your board, more can fall from the top if you clear candies. In certain levels, only one or two will fall, in others, entire columns.


Licorice Lock are also known as Locked Candies.  The “X” has locked the candy from moving and is surrounded by licorice around the box.  To clear the licorice, you will need to use a special candy effect or by matching the candy under the blocker with two other candies of the same color.

A Meringue Blocker is just a single layer blocker.  It usually hides a jelly square so to clear it, you need to make a move next to it or have a special candy combo. Once a meringue is cleared, you will have to make a match to remove the jelly.

As the levels increase in Candy Crush, it gets more difficult to clear the meringues because they gain layers.  Multi-layered meringues are one of the most common blockers in Candy Crush. These blockers cannot be moved. Multi-layered meringues change in appearance as more layers are added.  Each additional layer requires additional hits to clear.

The Marmalade Blocker, like the Licorice X’s (or locked candies), lock the candies within the translucent marmalade. You can free the candy by making a combination with the candy within the marmalade or if you make a combination next to the enclosed candy or if you make a special candy combination.


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