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It is always a good idea to save progress somewhere. Whether you choose to use Facebook or not, saving it on a mobile device only is going to lead to problems later on if the game has to be reinstalled or you change phones.

Saving to Facebook is easy. As soon as you start playing through there and connect to Facebook, it automatically saves.

Saving to Kingdom is a little longer, but well worth it and if you want to make doubly sure, you can sync your Facebook progress over to the Kingdom too.

Detailed instructions are here:


Start by going to King.com. Choose the game you want to play and it will bring up the game along with a sign in box that looks like this:

To save progress you will need to enter your email address (some players prefer using an email account that is only associated with the games, but it needs to be one you will remember) and a password. Strong passwords are always recommended. Not the name of your partner, pet, favourite place. Something only you will know.  Whatever you choose to use, make sure that if you want to link a Facebook account with it, that it is the same email you use as for Facebook. 

Once you click save, it will bring up this screen:

Enter your age. Because of what information the games hold about you, there has to be a minimum age. 

After you submit your age you will see this screen:

This is where you get to do the fun stuff. Make a name, upload avatar etc. 
Click on the change name. You don't want to have a boring name. (mine here is only an example)

To change the avatar it automatically selected, click on the image next to name like here:

You can choose to use a different avatar, or to upload an image of your own. 

Once the name is accepted ( some sites only allow names not in use so you may need to get creative) you can move onto Account. This is password protected so enter the password you added in step 1. 

This is the part you will need if you play on Facebook too. See where the arrow is pointing to the score and progression sync? Click there.  That will bring up this box:

And that's it. All done, all you have to do now is click the verfiy email box and check your emails to confirm it is you. Now if you have Facebook issues, or don't use Facebook, you can log in via the Kingdom instead. 
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