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📱😱 Have you lost your levels? Here's how to get them restored.

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,133 Community Manager
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Are you suddenly back on level 1 in your game?

Did something go wrong and all played levels are suddenly gone?

Don't worry, they can be restored!

If you used Facebook in the game,
then the levels are most likely saved on your Facebook account. 

Try with reconnecting the game to Facebook so the game gets restored. If you have connection issues to Facebook, please head over here for help. 

If you had created a King account at some point with your email address,
then the levels should be saved on your King account.

Simply log back in to your King account instead of Facebook to get the levels back. If you can't remember the password on your account, please tap the link below the password field to reset it. 

If someone else used your device and the game got connected to their account instead,
you will need to log them out and then log back in to your account in the game. Tap 'My Profile' in the game and log out in the bottom of the page to disconnect the account from the game.

If the connection to someone else's Facebook account stays stuck even though you have disconnected them, please go here to force the game to connect to your account instead.

Do you have the game saved on your old device and just need to transfer it over to your new phone or tablet?

In this case check out the page here to sync the levels over to your new device.

If the game wasn't saved on any account, don't panic! Player Support can restore your levels manually!

First make sure the game is connected to the Facebook or King account that you want to use in the game from now on.

Then head over to the Settings in the game and Help Center (the question mark below). Choose a topic and any of the FAQ:s. You'll then find the 'Contact us' in the bottom of the article:

Send an email to Player Support from there so they can help you and manually restore the levels.

Please remember to choose 'Game didn't save' as the subtopic and also mention what level you were on so Player Support can restore the game right away. 

Still need some help?

If you still need help with restoring the levels or having issues emailing Player Support, please let us know.
Comment here below with what you need help with so we can help you out!



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