What are the ribbons and bows on my Candies?

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What is it?

It's party time!  Gather up the presents and you'll be in for a surprise!  Gifting is great and in return for your generosity, you'll get something back.  Perfect!

The Buff Buddies event will add special candies to your board, wrapped in a decorative Bow.  By matching those candies and claiming the Bow, you can trade the ribbons in for a superb reward.

How do I play?

When it's active, just check your game board for any tell-tale Bows of ribbons neatly dressing the candies.  Each time you see them and successfully matched the dressed candies, they'll count toward your event total. 

To make your way up to bigger and better prizes, you'll need to continue to make matches of Bows on candies to move up through the ranks.

Match bronze Bows to reach the silver level and silver Bows to reach the gold level, and keep matching whenever you see the Bows on the candies.

Provided you're collecting bows as often as possible while the party-meter shown a the top of the board is active, you'll be able to continue receiving the sweet rewards associated with the Bow-type.

  • Bronze Bows: When you collect the Bronze Bow, the event starts and you can collect Bronze Ribbons.  This will also display the Bronze party-meter at the top of the board and turns any visible remaining Bows into Ribbons for you to collect.
  • Bronze Ribbons: For every Bronze Ribbon you unwrap, you will get a striped candy
  • Silver Bow: This will remove all the Bronze Ribbons and give you Silver mode!  You'll see the Silver party-meter at the top of the board and you'll see Silver Ribbons to collect.
  • Silver Ribbons: For every Silver Ribbon you unwrap, you will get a wrapped candy. Keep collecting these until you see the Golden Ribbon!
  • Gold Ribbons: When you collect the Golden Ribbon...

..and if you collect the Gold level of Ribbon and unwrap before the meter is empty, in time for the grand finale you'll get the ultimate booster - the Party Candy!  

This pinata-style candy is the ultimate celebration and reward for your efforts, plus it puts quite a spectacular 'pop' to your game!

If you don't unwrap the Ribbons before the party meter runs out, don't worry - you'll get another chance when the next Ribbons spawn again.

When will it happen?

You'll see a pop-up message in your game to let you know the event has begun.  You can also check that it's running by tapping your Trophy tab on the main map, which will open the list of any events you have running at any time.

Plus, in case you miss both of those - those tell-tale Bows will appear in your game, so put some focus on pulling those Ribbons and start the streak to success!

Now, time to get prepared for the celebrations!

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