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  • NormaspicerNormaspicer Posts: 2
    Thank you 
  • NormaspicerNormaspicer Posts: 2
  • Amit260682Amit260682 Posts: 2
    It will be helpful if you see the frame after every move,so that you don't miss any candy or colour bomb making chance which will eventually help you complete the level.
  • fuggs410fuggs410 Posts: 12
    When playing Candy Crush Friends Saga, save your special candies/ color bombs etc. They will stack up if you are patient and clear most of the board.
  • fuggs410fuggs410 Posts: 12
    When Candy Crushing, and you're not sure of your next move... Never do the move that the game highlights! Unless it's the only move on the board, it will always be to your benefit to find another match to make for yourself.
  • chetuchetu Posts: 2
    I giving u suggestions that when u win the weekly race or anything u should prior to know what u win Nd how much u win
  • fuggs410fuggs410 Posts: 12
    When you get a color bomb or coloring candy don't waste them matching it with a regular candy. Wait until you can get a special candy to match with to get the best results!
  • fuggs410fuggs410 Posts: 12
    In Candy Crush Friends Saga the recommended character may not be the best choice. Use discretion and choose whichever friend will suit YOUR play style the best.
  • fuggs410fuggs410 Posts: 12
    When you're making a striped candy, (4 in a row) the direction you swipe to make the match determines which direction the stripes will release on the candy you just made. So if you swipe vertically to make a striped candy, (up/down) it will release vertically. If  u make the striped candy by swiping horizontally, (left/right) it will release horizontally.
  • fuggs410fuggs410 Posts: 12
    Don't trust the fish. They aren't the smartest creatures. They lose their way and go to unnecessary places on the board.
  • emm1emm1 Posts: 49 ✭✭
    When you run out of lives log out of gam . I log out of king account and fb account then log back in after a min. This seems to refresh game and I suddenly have more lives from friends 
  • FaiyazFaiyaz Posts: 2
    Please help me to get build a bot

  • LittleMiixLittleMiix Posts: 10

    My tip is that when you are playing a level to eliminate a certain amount of jelly, you should create wrapped candies, they will explode and can make you can pass these levels faster, I hope it has helped in something

  • afshin73afshin73 Posts: 13
    edited October 9
    نظر خود را تایپ کنید

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  • edussalesedussales Posts: 1
    i need gold bars....
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