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Not receiving any Lives or did you lose all stored Lives?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 5,414 Community Manager
edited March 11 in Support
Do you have issues receiving Lives or your Lives that you send doesn't reach your friends? 

Millions and millions of game messages are being sent every day across the games all around the world. Some of these may get stuck in the system and arrive with a delay, doesn’t reach certain devices or platforms, or simply, do not arrive at all.

It’s always worth resending the request or life and hopefully the lives will get through eventually and reach your game. 

If you have the game Facebook connected, don't forget to make sure that the game has access to your Facebook friends list since this permission will automatically expire from time to time. If the game hasn't the access all lives will stay blocked. Check here for more help on this. 

Make also sure that the game is updated to the latest version if you play on a mobile device. 

Don't miss out to check the support hot topics here to check if there's any temporary issues with the mailbox or the lives at the moment. 

Luckily the lives will automatically reload so you can continue playing the game even though the messages from friends don't reach you.  

Did you lose all your Lives that you had stored for some time?

Lives can occasionally be lost with an update of the game, when the game crashes, after clearing the cache on the browser you play on or clearing the cache in the mobile app. 

The mailbox can also be reset after various technical issues either in the browser you play on or on Facebook. On mobile technical issues either in the game itself or on the mobile device you are playing on can cause that the Lives are being reset.

Bear in mind also that if you have a huge amount of Lives stored for some time and do not use them, the game can clear the mailbox to free some memory to improve the game's functionality.
Therefore we recommend to not collect hundreds of Lives or saving them for a longer time. 

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