A Superstar Guide to Candy Crush Saga Blockers (Part 2)

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The Magic Mixer blocker is evil!  It spawns whatever it wants!  It’s just as bad as the chocolate fountain block but this block can spawn chocolate, marmalade, icing, bombs, licorice locks!  That is one nasty blocker!  To clear it you must make matches next to it.  Unlike the chocolate fountain, you can damage and destroy it by hitting it 5 times.  It can also be hit with the lollipop hammer but that can be costly using 5 lollipops to destroy it!

The Bobber Blocker can only be activated when hit by special candy effects (a striped or wrapped candy). When hit by these special candies the bobber spawns a jelly fish. If it is hit by a special candy combo it will spawn 3 jelly fish. These fish tend to swim to icings when there are no jellies on the board.

The Sugar Chest is a blocker that traps other items or candies within it. To get those items out, you have to unlock the chest. Some chests can have more than one lock, which means you will need to get multiple keys to fully open the chest. You unlock the chest by creating matches with coloured keys. The keys behave like normal candies; match them with candies of the same colour to unlock the chests.

The Candy Fence is an impenetrable candy-cane barrier which stops candies, that are either side of it, from being matched or switched with each other. This devious blocker can also prevent candies from falling or moving depending on its orientation - horizontal or vertical.

The Waffle Maximum of five layers. Very similar to multilayered icing but it is mobile, like a multilayered liquorice swirl. Can get "eaten" by chocolate.

Dark Chocolate have properties identical to chocolate, but the only difference is the way how it spreads. One square of Dark Chocolate is generated whenever one Dark Chocolate gains a layer or when a new Dark Chocolate square has spread. If your last move does not take off any layers of Dark Chocolate nor break a Dark Chocolate square,the Dark Chocolate with the highest number of layers will affect the spreading algorithm.

Candy Cane Curls They are the same as candy cane fences, as they also are linked together to protect candies and blockers within their radius, but the difference is that the candy cane curls can be destroyed.

The Crystal Blocker is similar to marmalade and licorice locks; however, they can be cleared by making matches underneath them.  To do this you have to match two of the same candy color as the candy underneath it.  Candies can pass through them and elements such as licorice locks and conveyor belts can be underneath them too.

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