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The Conveyor Belt is a teleporter and can be viewed either horizontally or vertically.  The pink arrows show the direction that it’s moving.  It moves in a continuous loop, so as they go off one end they reappear at the start of the next portal.  You do have to pay more attention to these because it can help you clear a blocked jelly or make a combo match.

The Rainbow Candy changes colors, like a Chameleon lizard, however, unlike the lizard it can only change between 2 colors.  It kind of makes you think about your next move knowing what color it will become next.

The Sugar Keys come in different color keys.  They can be swapped, matched or destroyed.  They can also come out of dispensers. These keys will unlock the locked cells but sometimes you need to collect several keys to clear all of them.  On ingredient levels the keys can unlock a dispenser where the ingredients drop from.


It’s time to show off your experience and skills!   It’s easy to rank up!  You can always find your ranking level by looking at the number on the bottom of your avatar.  All that you need to do to rank up is to play the levels.  The levels that you beat will award you with experience points or a big amount of XP.  Even if you fail a level you will still be reward a smaller number of points.  When you accumulate enough XP points to rank up, you will be rewarded with a top-up of your lives.  Also, every 5 levels you will gain a new frame for your avatar. 

 Ranking up is easy, just play levels! Every time you play a level, you are rewarded experience points or 'XP'. The better you do in the level, the more experience points you gain. Once you fill out your experience meter, underneath your avatar, you will gain a new level/rank.   At any time during the week you can view both your weekly leaderboard and weekly progress.  Just click on your profile picture and the weekly results will be available. 


The Weekly Leaderboard will compare you to other players and there are 3 tabs to access your rank, current level and how many levels you completed in that week.


The Weekly Progress will show your Candy Crush highscore, your last played level and the average stars that you collected on the last 10 levels.

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