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Move Levels  are sometimes rare. To win these levels, you have to get a certain number of points using a set amount of moves.  All the moves must be used!  So, even if you achieve the goal, the level will require you to finish using the moves.   You must actually reach the end with zero moves left to pass.  If you reach the target score but don't reach the end due to a candy bomb exploding it will be considered a failed level.  Below is a print screen of level 2885 and the goal is to reach 180,000 in 18  moves.  When there are no more moves left, Sugar Crush will activate all special candies on the board.

Jelly Levels, also known as Clear all jelly levels, are the most common level type.  To complete these levels, you must remove all the jelly on the board.  The jelly is translucent in appearance and can only be broken if a candy on the square with jelly is removed.   Double jellies are white and take two hits to be destroyed.  There are more double jellies in the game than single jellies.  At the higher levels, the regular jellies rarely appear. The biggest issue when dealing jelly levels is that you have to destroy the candy on top of the square. That is one of the most difficult tasks in the game.  At times, it is hard to find a regular candy match in the corners, especially on the bottom.  When all jellies are eliminated, Sugar Crush is activated and 3 jelly fish per remaining move will swim onto the screen and eat random candies.

Ingredient Levels, also known as Ingredient drop levels, is a bit more common than the move levels.  To win this level, you must bring all the required ingredients to anywhere that you see a green arrow.  There are 2 types of ingredients, cherries and hazelnuts. Some levels require cherries, some require hazelnuts, and some require both.  They usually appear at the top of the board, usually after another ingredient has been cleared.  Some levels start with the ingredients already on the board, but sometimes they will come out of a dispenser. Certain levels do have misplaced ingredients. Switching an ingredient left or right is the hardest things to do when it comes to ingredient levels, because only a few arrangements allow such switching.  When all ingredients have been collected, a striped candy is made for every move remaining, giving 3,000 points for each. Then each of the striped candies activate themselves.

Candy Order Levels, also known as Objective Levels, are the second most common type of levels.  To clear these levels, you have to collect a certain number of candies, candy combinations or blockers within a certain number of moves.  They are considered easier than jelly levels but might be harder than ingredients levels on average.  At the higher levels, special candy mixes become more common.  Mixing 2 special candies can be a difficult task.  Not only do you have to create the special candies, but they also have to be positioned adjacent to each other first. 

With the order levels, sometimes you might get this error message. 

Below is a print screen of level 2521.  In the middle of this level is a magic mixer which creates the order.  If you destroy it too soon then there is no way to get the remainder number that is required to complete the order. 

Beware!  A couple of the higher levels will have you collecting the chocolate squares, however, the level might have both the light and dark chocolate as orders.  For example, level 4079 you have to collect 46 jellies, 20 light chocolate and 5 dark chocolate.  Since you need both colors for the chocolate, be careful of your count.  Many players wrote in our community asking why they got the error message when they know that they collected all the chocolate.  They mistakenly counted the dark chocolate in their count for the light chocolate. You can read more about this error code message here

Sometimes you may see candy order levels with special candies: color bomb, wrapped candy or striped candy.


You will see them combined with other special candies:  striped + color bomb, striped + striped, srapped + striped, color bomb + color bomb, wrapped + wrapped or wrapped + color bomb.

Mixed Levels (or Mixed Mode levels as referred to on mobile) have two or more different objectives.  You will only see these at higher levels.  At the moment there are three types of mixed levels, clear all the jelly and collect all the ingredients, clear all the jelly and collect all the orders, and collect all the jellies and clear the cakes or destroy the popcorn.  You might also see some mixed levels that require you to clear the jelly and either the liquorice or the waffles.  Our game studio is always looking for new ways to present the levels so expect the unexpected.


At any time, if you have difficulty completing these types of game modes, please do not hesitate to visit our support area here.  Our Superstars are always available to help you with your questions. 

Our Superstar Guides are written by our fantastic team of Community Superstars! They are a highly active team who love to play King games. Find out more about our Superstar programme here

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