A Superstar guide to the Candy Crush Saga Power ups

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Understanding Power ups and how they work. 

On the right side of your game you will see these three icons.

The Backpack icon holds your accumulated boosters which are all contained inside the Booster Box.  These inventory boosters were rewarded to you from the daily spinning wheel, daily treat calendar, or winning an event.


The Booster Box will show you all the boosters that you have accumulated from playing the various events.  To view your rewards, click on the backpack.  If you are playing the game on a mobile device, please take note that these rewards are only saved to that device so that you can play the game offline.  That means, any game crash, operating system update or game update can cause you to lose them.  King recommends that you don’t accumulate these rewards when playing on a mobile device.  The first print screen is the computer version and the second is the mobile device version.


When you click on the Spinning Wheel icon, you can view the Power Ups! that are available for you.   Currently these are the Power Ups in the game:  Daily Spinning Wheel, Fantastic Five, Dynamic Duo, Treat Calendar and the Candy Quests.

The Daily Spinning Wheel allows you to spin once every 24 hours for a free booster.

The Fantastic Five will randomly choose a team of five players.  The object of the game is to collect points as group by logging into the game daily, clearing levels, and completing episodes.  When you team has reached the number of points then you will all be rewarded.   It is set on a timer so if you team does not reach the goal you will be chosen to start with a new group of five players. If you'd rather not play in the Fantastic Five, don't worry - we have you covered there too. 

Simply open your game and remain on the first Candy Crush Saga screen where the 'Play' button appears.  From here tap the 'Settings' green cog-wheel button, then scroll down to 'Features'.  Tap this and you'll be shown the features you can enable/disable. Click the slider button for the Fantastic Five feature to turn it off in your game.

The Dynamic Duo buddies you up with a player randomly and together you have to complete a task within a certain time frame.  If you have collected all of yours and you continue playing the game then some of your remaining will be given to your buddy, and vice versa.  Many players did not wish to play this so several messages were received in the community and the studio created a shut off feature for this event.  This can only be shut off on a mobile device by going to your settings and clicking on the “Features” and then you will have the option to shut it off.

The Treat Calendar Booster is an awesome free treat to receive daily.  The calendar will pop up as soon as the game opens.  And a checkmark will be placed on the booster for that day. 

You must come back daily to start earning prizes on the "treat calendar".  If you miss a day then it will restart at Day 1 again.

And now we come to the Candy Quests.  You will be given an opportunity to choose one out of two choices.  However, they might also fluctuate since there are six of them in total.  Below are all quests that can be completed.

You must complete your quest within eight hours.  If you successfully complete the quest, then you will be rewarded.  Since these are on a time frame, you will have to wait that certain lapse of time before it will be offered to you again.

The Daily Win is offered to you daily so every day when you come back to play new levels you will receive a pink sticker.  When you have collected all 6 stickers then you will receive a reward.

 Lucky Beans, A/K/A The Troll's Beanstalk gives you the chance to pick from bean pods to collect prizes for each tier of the stalk you climb.  There are 5 pods to choose from but beware, the Troll can pop out of one of them at any time.  You will then have the option to quit with what you have or pay with gold bars to continue.

The Episode Race requires you to complete a group of levels you unlock which are also known as an 'Episode'. Beat your competitors at racing through the levels in the Episode and you could win some luscious loot!  You'll know when the Episode Race is active as you'll see a checkered flag 'button' on the main game map screen on the left side. Tap it and you'll see your position, plus that of the other racers.  Now, start your engines and play!

 Now let's go to the Fun Events


At any time, if you have difficulty completing these types of game modes, please do not hesitate to visit our support area here.  Our Superstars are always available to help you with your questions. 

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