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A Superstar guide to the Candy Crush Saga Fun Events (Part 1)

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Now we get to the Candy Crush Saga Fun Events!  It is very important to preface this to make you aware of how the events work.  Actually, we’d like to reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets which will help you to understand a little bit more about our games.

We would like to stress how important it is for us that you get the best gaming experience!  To achieve this, we often need to test new features and consider possible changes to the games.  In fact, the Event feature is a delicate testing phase which is available to randomly selected players only. To ensure the functionality of the feature is stable before we roll it out to everyone, a group of players is chosen to trial the new in-game concepts, design and implementation. Based on their reaction, we decide whether the change is what we want to adopt or not.

The reason why only a limited percentage of players is entertained by these special and amazing events is that we want to reduce any negative impact on our targets, should there be a fault or bug in the games.  This is a very relevant part of the release process which is not intended to alienate you or any player.

It’s important to stay positive in these circumstances… We only want to offer you the best gaming experience!

Sometimes it’s also possible that you are unable to play these because you don’t have the latest version of the app or a stable Internet connection, or simply you’re not connected to the Kingdom or Facebook. You can also try opening the game, logging out of the Kingdom or Facebook, closing the game, then finally re-opening and connecting again. Some of these tricks may work for you.  If they don’t, it’s just a matter of time. You may not be amongst the selected group at the moment but soon you’ll be the lucky one to enjoy the new challenges as well as your friends!

You might also find that suddenly, your event has vanished and didn’t give you the opportunity to move forward or claim your delicious rewards.  We think you may feel happier to know that this does not depend on your game capability and it’s a behaviour which occurs at times, unfortunately.  In these cases, due to performance issues, we need to pull some in-game features. No one wants to deal with technical issues while playing their favourite adventure, right?  So if your event ended before the time, you don’t need to stress about it too much.  It’s quite likely that it will be returned to you at some point so keep an eye on your game and for any upcoming updates!

Now we are going to discuss the Trophy icon.  That is where you will find the fun events, however, I would like to preface this message by saying that not everyone will get these same events at the same time. 

Here we have The Candy Pet! 

Candy Egg (Didi) was developed for Valentine’s Day 2018.  When the game opens you will see a brown egg.  Click on the egg and Didi pops up.   Your goal is to collect a specific number of the same color candy.  Didi is hungry and wants food so you need to collect the number shown on your game.  Once you clear it, you will have to wait a specific amount of time before you can collect again.  This time frame keeps increasing with each collection.  As you can see above, it is scheduled on a time frame so we suggest that you take note of how much time you have left in order to complete this event.

Rami has been added to the game, so they alternate weeks in this fun event.  You will usually see them appear on a Monday.


The Weekly Race will show your weekly progress compared to other players.  It doesn’t require you to play any event or challenge.  Not too long ago it was in testing so some players were randomly chosen to test it with regards, while others weren't.   If you are a really great player then you might be offered to try the Champion's Race. 


The Champion’s Race will take the first three players from the Weekly Race and put them together for a unique and rewarding special race, to determine who is the player supreme!  When the usual Weekly Race ends, the top three racers will be awarded a Golden Ticket which grants them special entry into the special ‘Champions Race’.   Each racer will know whether they’ve won a ticket, in the results page which appears at the end of the Weekly Race.  When the new week begins the Champion’s Race will appear on the game map for those who will take part.  This will be a small group of highly skilled players, so keep up your Candy game play and it could be you!



The Space Race event requires you to collect candies and it keeps a running total for you on the leader board.  It will start you off requiring you to collect 50 green candies.  Then when you play another level it will now require you to collect color bombs. The highest planet currently available is the Popsicle Planet.  To qualify for the reward, you must have been in the top 3 on the Leader Board at the exact time when the challenge finished.  It cannot be at any point during the event.   When it ends, you will be able to see where you ranked and then the rewards will be paid out.  If you didn’t wait until the event ended, then you might have been bumped down in the rankings by others who played to the end.  Please keep this in mind for future challenges!   At the moment you can only go as high as Popsicle Planet.  Not sure whether King plans to add more planets in the future.

At any time, if you have difficulty completing these types of game modes, please do not hesitate to visit our support area here.  Our Superstars are always available to help you with your questions. 

Our Superstar Guides are written by our fantastic team of Community Superstars! They are a highly active team who love to play King games. Find out more about our Superstar programme here

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