A Superstar guide to the Candy Crush Saga Fun Events (Part 2)

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The Treasure Chest shows up on the map pathway.  You will usually find them when a new episode comes out on Wednesday.  When you reach the level with these chests, you can claim the reward.  Sometimes it can be more than one booster or a live forever booster. 


The Build-a-Bot event and the Space Dash event both require you to clear each level on the first try.  You will get one or the other but never both at the same time.  For each level that you clear on the first try, you will win a reward.  Every time you clear another level on the first try, the rewards will increase.  These boosters are not saved to your accumulated boosters.  They will be showing up on the next level once you open it.  If you lose a level, you just lose the last reward/booster that you earned and you will need to re-earn it again. 



The Party Candies have come to Candy Crush!  Sometimes you might find ribbons on some candies (beginning with bronze, moving to silver and finishing in gold). The theme is around a party celebration! Finding all wrapped candies on the board and finishing the level will allow you to keep those boosters.  It begins with a bronze ribbon as part of the puzzle. You must make a match next to it to activate it.  From then on it is just a matter of removing the candies that have a bronze ribbon to it.  At a point, you will activate a silver ribbon, which is the reward you got from the bronze.  Once you make it to the silver ribbon, you will see 3 rewards that you can use immediately on the board + access to the gold ribbon.  The gold ribbon will give you a party booster that you can use on that board, but you must use it before finishing the level or you lose it.  It cannot be saved for later.



The Sugar Track is a circular loop of rich rewards and exchanges collected special Sugar Drop Candies for prizes.  Collect them in your personal Candy Jar and the Sugar Track will blend up a regular delivery of items you can use in your game.  When playing the regular map levels Candy Crush Saga, you'll find specially marked Sugar Drop Candies, covered with a wrapper marked 'C'.  Match these Candies in the game and they'll be dropped into your personal Candy Jar located at the bottom of the screen.  Here they'll be held until you reach the point where it's time to exchange them in the Sugar Track.  To play this event, be on the lookout for the Sugar Drop Candies that appear with the 'C' wrapper around them.  Match them, collect them, then wait for the Sugar Track to gobble them up and deliver your prize.  You can see how many Sugar Drop Candies you'll need to collect, shown on the label on the jar.  Once the number is reached, it will automatically take you to exchange them.

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