A Superstar guide on the importance of playing through Facebook or the Kingdom

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                                      Facebook?  or Kingdom?

Since you are at the beginning of the game, we would like to stress how important it is to play the game through Facebook or the Kingdom.  Both platforms can save your progress on their servers.  If you don't use either platform, any crash to your mobile device or operating system update can cause you to lose this progress.  If you ever uninstall and reinstall the game you will be starting at the beginning again because your device has no saved progress without either platform.  So which one should you choose.

Facebook allows you to easily save your game progress, play across multiple devices or platforms and also send and receive help from Facebook friends and participate in fun events.  You must ask your Facebook friends if you can add them for your game and you will find them by joining a Candy Crush Facebook group.  You can read more about connecting to Facebook here.

The Kingdom is our portal that allows you to play with other active players!  It’s meant to give the same social opportunities to players that don’t have a Facebook account or do not want to connect it to our games. You can get extra lives, extra moves and get help to unlock new episodes from other Kingdom connected players.  If you connect to the Kingdom, you can use your account to synchronize your progress across different devices. This way you can easily put your phone or tablet down and continue to play on another, right where you left off!  Another cool thing about a Kingdom account is that it will allow you to customize your profile, change your in-game name and set a profile picture!  You can learn how to create a Kingdom account using your mobile device here.   If you are using a computer, you can create a kiing.com account here.

If you have been playing through Facebook but now you want to play through the Kingdom, learn how to sync your progress between Facebook and king.com here

If you play on a desktop or laptop, you also have the option of playing the game if you have Windows 10.  To play the game through Windows 10, open up the Microsoft store and search for Candy Crush Saga.  Click on install and you will now have the option of playing the game this way too.  You can login with your Facebook account or your Kingdom account.

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