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What are the gold bars?

Gold bars are the currency of Candy Crush Saga. You use them to purchase boosters and/or to purchase extra moves. Once you don't have enough gold bars, you have to purchase them with with real money.   Let's go into further details now.

You are playing a level and you are so close to winning.  If you just had that lollipop booster to hit that last jelly blocker you could clear the level!  You look at your available boosters located on the left side of the game.  In this example, it shows that there are 36 lollipops available, but if you didn't have any then you would click on the lollipop and a box would pop up asking you if you'd like to purchase any. 


You are now ready to purchase some lollipops but what is the best deal?  For now, let's just say that you want to purchase 3 lollipops for 19 gold bars.  You click on it but you find out that you don't have 19 gold bars in your account.  Now what?   You have to purchase a bundle from the candy shop.

Here is one example of a bundle package that you can purchase.  It won't cost too much and you will get some gold bars, one of each of the boosters and also 1 hour of some in-game boosters.  Now you can continue on with your game.

If you have any further questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask our Candy Crush Saga mentors.
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