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You've been doing great playing the game!  You have cleared quite a few levels.  Congratulations! 

Suddenly, you notice that your game is not working well.  It might be a challenge that you won but never got the reward.  Or it could have been the Candy Crush spinning wheel landing on the Jackpot and you never got your boosters.  It could also be a pop up error message.  In order to get help from the King community they will ask you to upload a print screen so that they can get a better idea of what you are seeing. 

To create the print screen, please follow the steps here

As you can see in the print screen below, you can choose where you are playing the game (see the tabs on top).  Following the directions for your device or laptop and then you can start a new discussion. 


Now that you have it saved, it's time to upload it here with your question.  Just above the white space where you will be typing your message, you can see this bar across the top.  You are going to click on the photo image.  A box will pop up and you will click on the "browse" button.  It will open to where you have your print screen and you can then upload it here.

You can now finish typing your message and save it! 

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