A Superstar guide on how to complete the King contact form

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You are having a problem with the game so you come to the support community to ask someone how to resolve it.  For example, you might have lost your progress.  Or something went wrong with your game.  You got a response but now you've been told that you need to complete the contact form and they tell you to complete it from here

This is what you will be completing.  Since we only allow English in our community, on this form you do have the option of choosing your own language.
Next enter your email address , full name and choose the game that you are asking about.  Now you will have to choose a topic and subtopic.
If it is  problem with your game, you will then get a subtopic to check off.  If it is your progress that was not saved then please choose "Game didn't save".  Then you can type out your comments.  Make sure that all sections are filled out and then you can check off that you are not a robot and submit it.

If your issue is a purchase that went wrong, then you will choose "Problems with purchases" as your topic and then choose a subtopic.  Check off that you are not a robot and submit it.

You will receive an email with a ticket number on it.  Please be patient because sometimes there is a back up on these messages but you will get a response.
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