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Lost all my boosters and no sync between cellphone - computer

OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
I write to you because I don't think the support here in my country can't help me...

I've lost all my boosters... How can I get them back?

 I've always played Candy Crush Saga on my android cellphone. 
Since april this year it's has not worked propertely with daily booster, can't log in and so on..

Yesterday I downloaded Candy Crush Saga (from microsoft store)  to my computer, and noticed that it's was no sync between computer-cellphone. On the phone I was up in level 2223, and on the computer I lost about 120 levels! And all my collected boosters are gone on the computer..

Today I reinstalled Candy Crush Saga on my cellphone because the game have more and more start to bugging and and after the reinstall I dropped down to level 2103 and also all the boosters disappeared.

But! After the reinstall on the phone the daily wheel is working again, and I still have my collected goldbars.

Hope for the best.
(And no, I don't use facebook.)

With best regards

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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 11,191 Superstar
    edited August 2019
    Hello @OnlyMe_
    We would like to welcome you to the king community. Thank you so much for being willing to joining  :)

    We're very sorry for your problem. In the case of Android and I-Phone, your collected booster is stored in a specific location in the application.This stored booster can not be synced with the server, because the game studio still does not have this process. You will not be able to transfer the boosters to another device, you will lose the complete booster for app uninstalling or crashing. And the boosters are not refundable.
    However, Gold bars and your game progress will be returned, as it has been possible to sync.

    After playing Level 2103, your game was corrupted, for which you could not sync the next levels with the server. You have synced up to level 2103. You will be able to start playing from 2104 at any time you are logged in on any device.

    Windows 10 app is currently the most advanced platform. The boosters you store there are all safe.Even if you app uninstall, the boosters will return. 

    You can find some information about Android,  here https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-saga/discussion/262727/some-tips-for-android-users#latest

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  • Benson77Benson77 Posts: 1 New Bee
    I have the same problem, except I use iPhone xs
    Will my boosters return after reinstalling?
  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    Hello Sukanta_Biswas,

    Thanks for the quick reply and thanks for the welcome.

    I didn't know it was so bad that I dropped all the boosters because the King.com/candy crush saga can't put any program in the mobile phone app that prevents me from losing all the collected stuff I got during all the years I've been playing this game.

    I have not seen any warnings about "you will lose all your boosters if your mobile phone crashes, if you need to install if CCS or CCS is not working properly".
    Maybe that warning should be there when you install the app for the first time?

    I should never have reinstalled CCS on my phone if I knewed everything disappeared (except the goldbars whom I don't use). 
    The last update here in Sweden was in juli, and that update didn't work.

    And you say that if you install CCS on your computer and it will sync with my phone, shouldn't all my boosters be collected there? Because I first installed on the computer, tried to sync before reinstalling CCS on the phone. But there are zero boosters on the PC game.

    I looked around the forum yesterday and noticed that some people are getting answers from the staff here that they will be looking at the player account, and they will get boosters back after having the same problems I have. So is it difference between people and other people having the same problem?

    I said yesterday that the game worked now on my phone. I was sooooo wrong about that!
    CCS does not work after the reinstallation.
     Pictures freeze, become fuzzy, screen gets black and I see nothing.

    For me, it is important that CCS works on my phone as it is a good distraction when I hop on the train / bus.

    I bring a screen shot so you see what I mean by my annoyance with lost boosters and a game that doesn't work.

    Hope you have a better weather than here in sweden…

    With kind regards

  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    edited August 2019
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 11,191 Superstar
    You made a beautiful question. You installed the game on a PC but you didn't get any boosters because you didn't have any synced boosters. From now on, all the boosters you collect on the PC will be synced to the server. However, Android's booster won't sync with the PC.
    Everyone is special to us, even you. We can never give a booster back in the event of that. I don't know where you've seen that. However, purchased boosters are refundable.

    According to your screenshot, the game app has crashed. I made a post on this topic you can see here.

    Let me know  :)

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  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    So every booster I've had doesn't count when I installed CCS on my computer? 
    How is it that all the gold bars I have on my mobile phone have been synchronized with the computer? I had many boosters that you see on my screenshot. 
    And they were there while I installed CCS on my computer. 
    The boosters disappeared the day after that when I installed CCS again on my phone. 
    And I would never have done it if it had not become blurred / frozen / black screens and so on.
    No, all my boosters have been collected over the years and none bought

    It is good that my boosters are collected on my computer, but I do not bring my computer in the train. 

    I looked at what you suggested about tips for android users.
    And that was old news!
     I've been playing since 2013 ... 
    For example; CCS is automatically updated on my phone. 
    The last time it was updated was today and still gets it wrong.
    I connect to the server/network many times daily.
    And a newly reinstalled app shouldn't crash?

    If there is something wrong with the program that causes CCS to crash, then we users should not be punished for it. Right?

    I imagine many more than I have done exactly what I did. Reinstalled the app and hoped it would work smoothly.

    You wondered where I was looking to get boosters back ... How about this post where @cezdiamond replied.

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 11,191 Superstar
    @OnlyMe_ :)
    According to you, you say this is an update issue?
    So why didn't my App crash, or I couldn't find any more problems like that? 
    I'm bringing your feedback to the community manager's attention  :)

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  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    According to you, you say this is an update issue?
    -It can be so. 
    The mobile app has not worked properly since April, although it was updated a few times.

    So why didn't my App crash, or I couldn't find any more problems like that? 
    -Don't ask me, I'm not a technician!:o

    I'm bringing your feedback to the community manager's attention   
    -Do it
  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    I'm still here, and still waiting to get my lost boosters back and an answer from the community manager....
  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    You know .. I'm still here waiting for you to give my boosters back.
    I have come to the conclusion that no one want to discuss this with me.
    And it wasn't enough to lose all the boosters. Last week I dropped my phone in the ground and the screen burst. 
    So, new mobile phone and in with candy crushes saga and all the boosters gone .. a g a i n!
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 23,171 Superstar
    Hi @OnlyMe_, I am going to explain to you what's going on.  First of all, Cez wrote that message In March 2017.  Back then every so often, and rarely, were boosters restored after losing them on a mobile device.  Below is an exact quote from her that us Superstars had to tell all the papers that had this happen to them.  Unfortunately, it got out of hand because everyone started asking for reimbursement so that was gone the same year, 2017.  They don't do it any more.

    "Please note that the boosters are saved to your device and not the game data, so you can use them when offline too. This does mean that any updates, crashes or device changes can cause these items to be lost. For this reason, we do not recommend storing too many of the won boosters as these can indeed be lost unlike Gold Bars.  You can read more about this here."

    Unfortunately, if these were rewarded boosters King cannot restore them for you.  On mobile devices, as mentioned above, only your progress and gold bars will remain after uninstalling/reinstalling or a crash, etc. 

    I know that you have never seen my signature before but once I reply please check and you will see what I am telling you here.  Now if they were purchased boosters and you lost them, then we can redirect you elsewhere because we can't handle purchase issues in this community.  They can look into your account and will see your exact purchases.

    You said that you are not playing through Facebook and that is your choice but are you playing through the Kingdom or on king.com?  They save your progress on their servers.  If you aren't using either one of them and you get a crash or operating system update you can also lose your progress because it is not stored anywhere.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the game tells your mobile device that you just started since it couldn't be saved anywhere. 

    The print screens that you posted above I have seen twice from 2 players.  The only solution was to uninstall and reinstall the game but I also reminded them that they would lose their lives and boosters.  Please let me know if you have any purchased boosters that you lost and then I can come back and offer further directions.  But you need to have a Kingdom account for them to go in and see what's going on.

    @Benson77, welcome to our community.  Sorry to give you the same bad news that if they were rewarded boosters then they are gone.  If they were purchased please let us know so that we can direct you further.  Make sure that you have a Kingdom account and if you don't then you can create one by following the steps here.


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  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    edited August 2019
    Hi @Elsa =) .
    Thank you for answering me. Finally someone how dare to do it ;-).

    I have never had to visit this site before as CCS has worked as a clockwork and I have not had to keep up to date with what is happening.
    Not before April when everything on CCS on my mobile phone stopped working. Then it was the first time I taked a look here and wrote.

    If you mean that I have played CCS on my computer then the answer is no.
    But I have registered via king on mobile and have a user ID.
    I can send that screenshot to you so you can see. What I need then is your email address.

    It seems easier to start over and earn new boosters. I probably will not install CCS on my new mobile as it feels sad to have lost and not regained boosters as CCS has not worked properly.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 23,171 Superstar
    Accepted Answer
    @OnlyMe_, you do not need to start all over at all.  I am very happy to hear that you have a Kingdom account.  All that you have to do is to get your user ID # by following the steps here

    Once you have the number, please complete the contact form from this link:  https://soporto.king.com/contact

    They can manually go into your new account and get you back to where you were.  It might take a couple of days before you get a response so please be patient.  You should get an email with a ticket number on it.  Please make sure to use this topic and subtopic when completing the form.

    Please let me know if you any further help.

    Accepted Answer

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  • OnlyMe_OnlyMe_ Posts: 17 New Bee
    Thanks @Elsa:) 
    This is what I wanted to hear from the beginning when I wrote to you ..

    I hold my thumbs to get all my boosters back.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 23,171 Superstar
    That is a lot to lose.  Well hopefully you can get it back quickly.

    You can find out more about our Superstars here
    "Mother of Superstars. Relentless and passionate like no one else."
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