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How to login to a different Facebook account

winniebluwinnieblu Posts: 2 Newbie
i have 2 fb account. One account I play candy crush to level 4000+. I set up a new phone and now I can only reconnect to the other newbie account... help! How to switch Facebook account in candy crush?!


  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,559 Candy Moderator
    Hello @winnieblu
    We would like to welcome you to the king community. Thank you so much for being willing to joining  :)

    The game now accepts automatic logging. The game will be connected to the Facebook logged in device on your device.
    To change the user of the game, Log out / Reset / Uninstall Facebook app > Log out game app > Restart device > Log in Facebook app with 2nd ID > Open game & Click ''Played before''
    Don't try to do this over and over, as doing so may corrupt your game app and you'll lose the stored boosters. Which not refundable.

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  • winniebluwinnieblu Posts: 2 Newbie
    I tried a couple of times already, deleted both Facebook and candy crush app, restart device and reinstalled ...login with the account i preferred... still it keeps coming back to play with my newbie account.  What to do? I am already up to 4800+level, spends regularly to support the game and wouldn't want to quit! Please help to retrieve my account! 
  • JnJB1588JnJB1588 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Did you get this resolved? I am having exact same problem right now. I have deleted everything, gone and change my settings, reinstall things and it keeps defaulting to the wrong Facebook account. I don’t know what to do and starting over honestly sounds like a nightmare. If that’s the case I might just find a new game to play. 
  • derektysderektys Posts: 1 Newbie
    When the page "facebook.com" shows, 
    Copy the link by pressing "facebook.com"
    Then go to browser and paste,login the facebook account you want. :)

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