Why do I only get 32 moves on level 232?

I can not beat this level and when I looked up help, people have received 60 or 50 moves for this level. 


  • kdr0509kdr0509 Posts: 2
    Ashleymroller, I am experiencing the exact same thing! I have played this level now 20 times at least and it seems impossible. When you google search this level it shows a completely different goel to reach and a different amount of tries you get. I’m very confused and getting frustrated with the game. But you are not alone....
  • allisoncallisonc Posts: 1
    I am having this same issue, and I have been stuck on this level for three days without being able to pass it. All of the videos on YouTube seem to be from a previous version of this level. Frustrating... 
  • kdr0509kdr0509 Posts: 2
    I finally beat this super hard level! You need to get a bunch of special things (like the little treats when you first start playing each day). Once they add up to a lot it is way easier to beat this level. I honestly am shocked that I finally beat it! 
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