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A fresh look to your Top Menu!

PounaweaPounawea Posts: 584 Community Manager

Dear community, 

we're introducing some changes to the layout of Top Menu in your game of Candy Crush Saga. 

These are changes to the appearance of your player avatar, the messaging icon/inbox, and lives.

Read on to get some insight into your Top Menu upgrade!

What will change?

1 Inbox 💌

The Inbox is shown as an envelope icon and moves to the top-left of the view.  Now it’s easier for you to see any incoming requests or gifted lives. 


2 Lives ❤️

The Lives or ‘Heart-Meter’ is next, giving it’s at-a-glance view so you can plan your gameplay and strategise those coming levels.

3 Profile 🌟

The Profile symbol is front-and-center in the middle of the menu. Here you’ll see your chosen avatar image from your King Account or Facebook profile.  You’ll also be able to see your overall XP progress bar, to inspire the push to your next milestone! 

4 Gold Bank 💰

The glittering Gold Bars are next.  Here you can easily keep an eye on the balance in your bank.

5 Settings ⚙️

Finally, we have a new place for the settings gearwheel, which moves to the right. You can now access this menu of functions and preferences at any time without having to leave the map screen!

This is how it looks the Setting menu. By the way, did you see the new Community Link button? Accessing to the Community is easier and faster now! By tapping in the 3 dots icon (highlighted in orange and the bottom of the following screenshot) you can access the CCS forum! 🙂 🥳

What do you think about the new look of the Top bar? Share your opinion with the Community HERE

Have a delicious day and see you around the forum!

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