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Avatar stuck on a previous level

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 5,484 Community Manager
edited April 2 in Support

Has your avatar got stuck on a previous level even though you completed various levels after that?

When opening the game it starts on your correct level, but the avatar is far behind?

Like this example below.

The game is on level 2110, but the avatar is on a lower level and therefore the game suggests to tap the level navigator drop to get to your level.

The issue is caused by that the level where your avatar is at hasn't been completed properly and therefore is missing the score and the one to three stars on the map.

Since it's missing the score, the avatar is also stuck there.

There is a easy solution for this.

Simply go back to the level where your avatar is at.

Replay that level and when you have completed the level once more, the avatar should then jump to the correct level.


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