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Master list of ideas for Candy Crush Saga

bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 12,690 Candy Moderator
edited June 2021 in Ideas

Welcome to the list of ideas for Candy Crush Saga! We hope that you will be able to find all posted ideas much easier now. Please be very careful when choosing your subject title. You might not be getting the votes because the players are unclear what you are requesting.


Please note that many ideas get duplicated several times, therefore, below please find a list of topics that need not be addressed since these topics have been archived (will not be implemented)

Fantastic Five (any discussion on this event), Fish, Go to level (vote HERE for original idea), Levels (anything to do with lives or asking for level changes is not an idea/post it in the Discussion area), Lives (all, including asking for shorter time or more lives), Moves, Free Boosters/Gold Bars, or Rewards for being at the top (the studio is always hosting events and adding different ways for players to get free boosters and gold bars), Sharing (lives or boosters with friends), Timed boosters (they are on a clock so once the clock starts ticking it runs until time runs out), Wheel (the wheel was updated not too long ago).

Please do not create new ideas on any of these listed above. Please feel free to check out Tiffi's Idea Library for additional archived ideas. Thank you.


 This update now has the number of votes listed for these ideas as of 6.06.2021.


Please READ before submitting an idea



Top 10 Candy Crush Saga ideas:


A search box added to the game (541)

Adding the party popper to the spinning wheel (346)

Booster gift to friend ( 🔨) (424)

Edit Fantastic Five Team Feature (206)

Fantastic Five should allow players to change team members. (222)

Let's Vote On Bringing Back The Old System of "Sending Lives" To Friends (228)

Piggy bank for free (209)

Reintroduce Dreamworld (186)

Win moves for when a Bomb explodes (166)


The remainder of the active ideas

Add a new booster for rainbow rapids levels (38)

Add UFO and Party Booster to Daily Treat Calendar (118)

Better Visibility for Candy Bombs (34)

Bobber on conveyor belt (31)

Booster Builder - Collect candies to make Boosters (49)

Booster Packs (47)

Boosters in games (66)

Candy Crush Saga Vs mode (16)


Colored Multi Locks! (27)

Confirming Before Spending Gold Bars (151)

Create Undo booster (21)

Detours (2)

Different Chocolate Box Prizes (66)

Do not lose the rank reward. Please 🙏 (67)

Extra life for events 💞 (34)

Extra movements - inventory (40)

Extra Moves Candies (53)

Extra moves to/from friends (64)

Fantastic 5 Team bonus (45)

Fantastic Five - F5 Reward System (73)

Fantastic Five Points calculation🐣🐣 (65)

Gold bars for obtaining diamond trophy (131)

Idea: How about Coloring Candy? 💗🍧🍫🍬 (Reposted) (61)

Licorice Lock and Marmalade Orders (29)

More events for unlimited lives (146)

New Bonbon Blitzes (28)

New booster Chocolate Chipper removes all chocolate on the board (36)

New Candy Colours (37)

New Chocolate Box Quest Type: Combining Special Candies (30)

New design for Tiffi makes her more beautiful 😍 Getting rid of her triangular 3d cheeks. (41)

New music themes for level types (5)

Oops Game Over 2nd Try (40)

Show Gold Bars in Level (21)

Show Score for 1, 2, and 3 stars (38)


Suggesting New Lucky Candy (3)

Tracking the number of Tries (35)

Update for Jelly (3)

viewing the game board (45)

You might also want to check out Tiffi's Idea Library. Here you will find some archived ideas that just never got enough votes or were closed for other reasons (duplicates, not feasible, better as a discussion etc.) .

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