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Level 6674. No skill required! 🤬

Nigel_CleavesNigel_Cleaves Posts: 29 Level 2

I am lucky to have the unlimited time bonus right now. But this is of no benefit at all when you play a level like 6674. There are numerous faults with playability with this level. The Fish which you have to collect , when released, have no beneficial help to clearing blocked squares. They used to help but now are so random to actually being a hindrance within this level. Also, drop downs explode when they should not. Lastly, when trying to collect the target items, they do not drop down when expected. THIS IS ANOTHER LEVEL WHERE KING EXPECT YOU TO BUY YOUR WAY THROUGH IT. Sorry KING, dont use strong arm tactics. I'm only still playing still because of the 24 hour bonus time.


  • Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 5,443 Soda Moderator

    @CandyCrushinator maybe you'd like to know about the fishy behaviour of fish reported here

  • CandyCrushinatorCandyCrushinator Posts: 65 Kingster

    Thanks for tagging me @Pitty_Kitty I've taken a look at this and here's what I can see. We have been busy improving the fish pre-game booster recently as they needed a bit more training to eat jelly properly. We will be continuing to make improvements based on feedback and appreciate reports of specific levels where they don't seem to be acting in a helpful way.

    This observation seems to be about the fish that are spawned into the level which will be getting another look in the near future, so I will add this to the feedback list for them. These fish are a bit different as they aren't simply obsessed with Jelly.

    Thanks again for the heads up and sorry you're stuck on this level @Nigel_Cleaves. I hope you were able to pass the level with the unlimited lives promotion and I that you and everyone else had a lovely weekend.

  • Stuart_JohnStuart_John Posts: 25 Level 2

    Read the comments for this level on candycrushsagaallhelp (sorry this site does not let me post links). They are all negative. I suggest King quits with these rigged levels unless they want loyal players to quit.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 35,146 Sweet Legend

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  • ioio1181ioio1181 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Hello there

    I think there is a bug with this level.

    Usually, fish go eat jelly but also bomb or blocked blocks.

    In this level, i have many fish, no jelly, so the fish goes on random cases. And we have to reach many many bomb so it is almost impossible to pass.

    Fish in this level should aim for bomb, i think it was designed this way but somehow it doesnt work...

    Please kings, fix that problem.

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