King cheated me AGAIN?!

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Approximately 2 weeks ago, I ranked 1 in Dexter's Space League on Pudding Planet. But then, it was gone...probably after the event has ended. Now, it reappeared again, but I was still on Striped although now I should be on Salty Planet! How many times does King wants to cheat me?

🍬 Hi everyone and welcome to the community! In Candy Crush Saga, my most-played game, I'm in the 1500s. A look at my Profile would be great!🍬

If you want to participate in a counting game to infinity, HERE is the place to go. You can also Count by 2s to 15000 then down by 3s to 0. In addition, four new houses have been built at Candy Town. Each Candy Crusher belongs to one of the houses. See which one you belong to HERE! Build a Jelly Tower with us too!

Be bright like a shooting star.



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