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What is your favorite month of the year??πŸ’πŸ’Ÿ And why?😊



  • Chelika
    Chelika Posts: 2 Newbie

    June, definitely! I am a native of Hilo, Hawaii and we truly are paradise. We go to the beach everyday, Hilo coastline is 4 miles from our hale (house), and each beach is different from the next. Some good for surfing, some tor keiki(children), diving, but all enjoyed by ohana(family). But just like the rest of the world, we go to work, and our keiki have school everyday. Their school year ends in June. --Ohana isnt just my siblings and their kids, Ohana is family, but here, family is our neighbor, the kids we grew up with, are ohana, and now my kids grow up knowing their kids, they are ohana. My kids friends call me Ma, or aunty, and same as my kids with their friends parents. --

    So the last week of school, hundreds of us start setting up our camps, from one beach, and hundreds of families the next beach and so on, and we stay fhere the whole summer, yeah we only live couple miles away, but its just how we do.So on the kids last school day in June, Ohana is - family! Our keiki swim all day and night, go fishing, diving, canoe, kayak, families sharing meals, here when we cook, we know we feeding ohana, so everyday we cook like we feeding an army, cause we share our food, as kids running by youll hear parents all over telling whoevers kids,

    eh kids, come eat, come grab food for your mada, your fada.

    I close my eyes, I listen, I hear water splashing, waves pounding, keiki laughing, keiki crying as well, I hear aunties and uncles and tutu(grandparents), talking, some turu sharing stories of their childhood, I feel full in my heart, I tear up, I open my eyes and capture memories and I thank God for days past, and for that day in June!

  • shadyvenus311
    shadyvenus311 Posts: 210 Level 2

    I love October very much because autumn is beautiful and my birthday is in this month

  • NikitaAnne
    NikitaAnne Posts: 28 Level 2

    Just got through Reading many posts of people's replies to what their favorite months were and why.

    I feel like a terrible negative Nelly. I don't think I have a favorite month anymore but after so much catastrophic loss the past couple years I have months that I wish were the actual 4 week month like February, now my over analytical brain is starting to count the number of days in each of the months that bring me grief and the number of incidences in each month...

    Well you have to play games and self puzzles to keep your brain muscle worked and stay on top of things in life but I think a straightforward simple question might have just done me in...

    Not really going to have a stroke but perhaps a brain fart would be considered enough to come fill_replace in some consciousness right now.

    Happy Easter weekend to everyone all around the world. If you're not Christian, that's okay with me as well, happy this weekend to you may it be healthy and safe.

  • 15006
    15006 Posts: 17 Level 2

    May because its nice and my birthday

  • misscristina
    misscristina Posts: 5 Level 2

    My favorite month of the year is June because its summer time in my island (beach parties) and my birthday on June 11.πŸ–

  • 123390
    123390 Posts: 85 Level 2

    Setembro .. aniversΓ‘rio

  • Lololing7
    Lololing7 Posts: 5 Level 2

    September is my favorite month.. the weather is just right.

  • Mjo1986
    Mjo1986 Posts: 22 Level 2

    My favorite month is April and it is because it is spring and my birthday!

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