T on my cellphoneHow can I open the game? I already dowloaded I

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i had my previous Candy Crush Saga on my cellphone that I used to play almost everyday for the past two years. Then suddenly, three days ago, I could not open it. I dowloaded anew one but still cannot open it. I need help please.

Thank you.


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    @Loleng Hi and welcome, Try the advice below for whichever mobile device you are using to see if this helps with reinstalling the game. Also make sure you have at least 2mb of free storage space and that your device is up to date

    Android - Delete the game app and clear Google Play Store cache:

    1) Go to apps and find the app called 'Settings' 

    2) Locate the menu called 'Apps' 

    3) Scroll down till you find the 'Google Play Store' 

    4) From here click on 'Clear data' then clear cache. 

    Please notice that you will get a warning when clicking the 'Clear data' button - not to worry, it's just a reset. 

    5) Restart mobile and install the game and try connecting it to Facebook or King account.

    Apple devices - Clear Safari cache:

    - Disconnect the game from Facebook or King account (if connected).

    - Delete Facebook App if you have it installed.

    - Clear cache from your Safari: http://www.imore.com/how-clear-stored-website-data-ios-7-safari - (Super important).

    - Restart the device and try connecting the game back to Facebook/ King account so your progress can sync

    Note Uninstalling in the case of mobile dvices you will LOSE any stored BOOSTERS or LIVES

    Thank you

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    I hope your device memory on the device is still sufficient for the game. Check the storage space on the device

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    Hello there @Loleng and good day to you.

    Understood that you are not able to play your game in your old cellphone and I'm guessing that by downloading a new one means you have reinstalled it. Since it's not working after downloading anew one, please select the device that you are playing on to get some info on how to fix your issue, paying extra attention to the compatibility of your device and the app info.




    Windows mobile


    Please let us know if any of the above works for you or if you need help with other issues in the game.

    Thank you ☺️

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