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F5 New Custom Team

dajaredajare Posts: 22 Level 2
edited February 2021 in Fantastic 5 - Custom Teams

I would like to start a new custom F5 team but would like to start a new concept where all members contribute. I get so frustrated when I'm the only one racking up those points yet all other members reap the rewards. Some of u have been in a F5 team with me and know I contribute in a big way. I'm frustrated with the current team that has been assigned to me as I looked at our points today I had close to 2000 and the other 4 members of my team have a big fat ZERO. This is basically the story everytime - they do nothing - they get rewards. PLEASE if ur interested in playing on a REAL F5 team - please please let me know. I'm really tired of carrying players who will not contribute bc they know I am and they will profit. This is an option that needs to b fixed in this game - it's unfair to those of us who really play vs someone who sits back waiting on us t really play so they can benefit. The option to edit teams really needs to b looked at. Anyway - anyone want to play please let me know & I will create a custom team of serious players!!



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