Can’t reply to a reply OR load game or check in my account

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You replied to my plea for help. You told me I needed a account and the community account has nothing to do with the game.

I tried to reply but as soon as I click on the reply box, the screen pops back up to your answer and I was unable to reply.

I went to to see if I had an account there but it seems that it is the same account as at the community. The game still isn’t loading and I am on level 8888. I don’t want to lose everything


  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 50,167 Sweet Legend

    @Pipe Hi Again your king game and community account are different things, but you may have used the same account details and password for both but they are in no way linked

    Was you game with 8888 levels a facebook account. if yes there is an issue with facebook at the moment and this is being investigated but we have no news on this yet, but if it is a facebook account have you every synced this with a King account

    Thank you

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  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 10,955 Candy Moderator
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    Hello @Pipe - I'm curious - you mentioned an issue when you tried to reply "I tried to reply but as soon as I click on the reply box, the screen pops back up to your answer and I was unable to reply." By any chance were you trying to reply on an iPhone? I have been experiencing that issue for several weeks now. I am replying here using a computer. The studio is aware of this issue but can't duplicate it and it is hard to show a screenshot of the issue to help the studio determine what the problem is. Some people also experience the same issue on an iPad.

    As far as the FB issue is concerned - I am unfortunately one of the lucky few with this issue. FB made me log in again and when I did it brought me back to level 1 - I also am in the 8000s. Luckily I do have a account and I have linked the two accounts so I can play thru my account but of course all my FB friends are missing. However one of the CMs said a fix was in the works and I just now checked my Candy Crush Saga game and I can log in thru FB and it takes me to my current level! 🎉🎉

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 50,167 Sweet Legend

    @bearwithme Hi, yes they are using an iphone and have PM'd me with this as they cannot reply to post so this is handy to know. You may want to pm this info to them as i know they are struggling to reply to threads and get help

    Thank you

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    Hello .

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  • headoperationsheadoperations Posts: 3,017 Level 5

    I am experiencing the same issues with replying. When it happens to me, I have to leave the current screen and go into any other random thread. At that point I return to where I was before and attempt to reply again.

    Sometimes I have to do this more than once before I can successfully reply.

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