levels 4418 and 4421 are the same on my game. When I pass 4421 it does not go to 4422 HELP!!

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How can I get my game to proceed to the next level which is 4422? Levels 4418 and 4421 are the same levels so I had to pass a difficult level twice, using boosters each time, but now it will not go to the next level of 4422. I purchase boosters all the time and am very upset about this!!!


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    @nannyshirl26 Hi and welcome, Yes this has happened a few times in the game where levels have been amended and duplicated, think may be due to some things being removed form the game. The main difference in levels is 4418 has 16 moves and 4421 has 27 moves. So the second one should be easier to complete.

    If you have not moved to the next level unfortunately nothing can be done regarding this and you would have to replay the level and make sure the stars show for the level as this can happen from time to time

    Thank you

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    Levels duplicating is an unfortunate bug that had happened with a recent attempt to improve some levels. We are not sure why this has happened, but we are working on a fix 😊

    When it comes to your game not proceeding I can unfortunately not say much, I would contact support if I were you, I hope you can find a solution 😄

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    Players in our group wrote about this issue. I check in my game and, I don't see this problem. That mean the duplication is not for all players.

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    That is because the level improvements are currently out as a test, which means not all players have the improvements yet (which is probably a good thing since it seems to have caused a bug :o)

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