Candy crush saga game 9154

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Candy crush saga game 9154 impossible to complete with 25 moves On YouTube, this game has 40 moves


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    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    The levels are often revised and improved, so there are changes in terms of movements. I'll give you the level designer and he can explain it to you better.


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    Levels are always released with more moves than they will eventually end up with, but levels are constantly monitored to make sure they are not too difficult. When levels have move removed it is because they are too easy for the difficulty goal. It wouldn't be fun and challenging if hard levels were not hard, right? 😄 But we also make sure that we have easy levels in between.

    However, I have looked at this level specifically and it does look like it is currently a bit too hard, so we will patch it today😊


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