🌈 What Rainbow Rapid game mode is your favourite?

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Last year we introduced the Rainbow Rapids in the game!

This colorful but tricky feature that you need to master to complete the level.

After almost a year with Rainbow Rapids, @LindQ and her level designer colleagues want your feedback on the feature.

What do you think about the Rainbow Rapids? Fun? Challenging? Sweet? Or aren't you a fan of the feature?

Do you prefer the Rainbow Rapids solo on a level or mixed with another target?

How many levels per episode of 15 levels do you think should feature Rainbow Rapids?

Do you have any specific Rainbow Rapid level that you love? Let us us know the level or levels!

Please comment any feedback on the feature and also vote below on what Rainbow Rapid game mode is you favourite?

🌈 What Rainbow Rapid game mode is your favourite? 44 votes

Rainbow Rapids on their own
kiara_waelbearwithmeMountainMomChipadeegreddycandyMissyLRkellydalton17HumeraOmerjokerjoey87 9 votes
Rainbow Rapids on a Jelly level
crisaniya 1 vote
Rainbow Rapids on an Ingredient level
Rainbow Rapids on an Order level
DieOmimiNix66Moh1977tarsilaxavier 4 votes
I love them all!
Tzvi_MarcuTimhungjeanpsolyamtlaleymemorandasanto_chris97aijaziqbalyonahselcysmokingcatme6412carmenechevarriarajdeeptbqinghongIffu2rebelchildGreymanePops8459394Fencesnguyenanhduy1591999 30 votes


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