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🔘🍒 Poll of the week - Jelly levels vs Ingredient levels

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 12,558 Community Manager
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Jelly levels or Ingredient levels?

Ingredient levels or Jelly levels?

Which one do you prefer?

Vote and comment on what team you are in?

🔘🍒 Poll of the week - Jelly levels vs Ingredient levels 111 votes

Jelly levels
Germano_Peter_TornarosElsaMary_KayKazza-3Andres-2ScooterpieSabrinaMVonda_ChurchDiamond Limkiara_waelYorben_GoereeKhush3012SammyjobearwithmejeanpsNat09LynnMJ_7olyamtmichelecairns 70 votes
Ingredient levels
Crazy Cat LadTzvi_MarcuMerx_GonzalezcandycrushinitmowieBoybinarysami132peggyvereenlaleymtm0816MountainMomtamipalomitachicDieOmimiMzReOkccarmenechevarriaShilviya18wbwAMS1012maryjane117LDBr 41 votes


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