I lost all my boosters

pulcino05pulcino05 Posts: 2 Newbie

Hello. I'm new here on this platform. I recently downloaded the game again and sadly, I realized I had lost all my boosters. I wouldn't be writing this if I weren't a little bit shocked about it but I had many boosters. I liked to collect them even if they are meant to be used hahaha. I think I had around 130 color bombs, 15 striped and wrapped, 25 UFOS, free switch, etc. I read comments here about other people who lost their boosters too and many people recommended to uninstall and install the app again and I did and I lost the few boosters I had again (i started playing the game a week ago and i had like 4 color bombs, 5 stripped and wrapped, etc). Please help me because the game is not saving my boosters.


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