how to play 1055

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how to play 1055 im having a hard time fugurung out how to get the frog


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    Level 1055. You will find a frog with yellow candy on the same line at the beginning of the level and your frog will be full before the first move (So far you have nothing to do). Before you make a move, please click on the frog and the frog gets a mode then you click anywhere (candy, jelly etc) on the board. The frog will immediately reach that point and explode like an wrapped candy, but the frog will be emptied again and frog will be changed to another color (the candy you clicked on will retain that color). Fill the frog again by collecting candy of the same color according to the color of the frog and empty it by clicking anywhere as before. Doing this three times will complete your frog target, and you are known how to meet Jelly Clears target.

    and Please check this video

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