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Help how to remove frog

ezorfaezorfa Posts: 3 Newbie
edited September 21 in Support


  • MaryLuyo2020MaryLuyo2020 Posts: 960 Level 3


    What are you playing?Can you send a screenshot? Maybe it can help you.

    A hug🤗

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  • ezorfaezorfa Posts: 3 Newbie

    I stuck in this level from two days I try lots of time but I failed hep me please

  • Heshan_GHeshan_G Posts: 1,512 Level 4

    Here is a tutorial.

    The frog is creating a blast when you moved it.

    First you need to fill the frog like this👇🏻(For this you can match same color with frog or using a colorbomb with thae relavant color to fill it up.

    After filling what you need to do is move it.

    How to move? Just click on the frog(don't swipe) and click another free square on the board. Then it create blasts. See below.

    I think this helps!🙂

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