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What about your booster usage?😯

Heshan_GHeshan_G Posts: 1,600 Level 4
edited September 26 in Discussions

Here I'm going to know the booster usage of CCS players.

Do you use boosters?

Or, you're trying to save them?

Vote below!🙃👇🏻


Option 03: I'm not using them much, but I use them for some levels)

What about your booster usage?😯 37 votes

Yes, I'm using boosters(For many levels)
Peter_TornarosElsaBarry_Dean_ClarkColleen12ChardonnayGlenn1972ernstblnbearwithmeSpinnifixaautz1laleymuskiMaryLuyo2020Nikolaos_ProdromidisCats4CazcarmenechevarriaJessicaBillyBubbleGumSodafabkelelensp 30 votes
No, I'm not using them
Yorben_Goereequad5 2 votes
I'm not ud
hechicerillaGlenysBtashanight3RyanthecrusherEnterDivison 5 votes


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