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Random Reaction Counting Game!

EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,681 Level 5
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Hello wonderful people of the King Community!

Welcome to the Random Reaction Counting Game!

If you have played other counting games, you probably already know how this works. If you don’t, let me tell you!

All you have to do is work together and count! For example, I’m going to start with 1. You have to continue the counting game by replying with 2, and so on. You have to leave the previous person a reaction. If you still don’t understand, you will eventually get the idea once this game starts getting active!

So now, the twist: On some of the counting games you might have played, there was probably a certain reaction you had to react to the previous comment with. Well on this counting game, you can react with whatever reaction you want!

I kinda want to get this thread moved to the main community forum, but it doesn’t really matter.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s play!

I will start!

1 😁😁



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