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🌴🍦🎵 Are you ready for the Summer Season in Candy Crush Saga?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,047 Community Manager
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Summer is here! Sweeter than ever!

Are you ready?

The theme for the Sweet Summer Season will be beach, ice cream, music and a festival feeling.

Our Sweet Summer Season will start on 4 July.

Are you ready for the sweet summer 2022 in Candy Crush Saga?

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🌴🍦🎵 Are you ready for the Summer Season in Candy Crush Saga? 123 votes

Yes, I love both ice cream, music and the summer!
MarieselBeth_Mc_HughTzvi_MarcuPummyRajColleen12SabrinaMkiara_waelGlenn1972herethf4criscountbearwithmeaautz1Boybinarysiti_payungQamarwshMiladyRHo55y111kobby_rhemawykoonDieOmimi 101 votes
Ready or not, just hit me with the rhythms!
ScooterpieDaniTheOGspoekieSir_Colorbomb_Ilinnemijane666 6 votes
I'd better be, so I won't miss all cool ice cream!
Crazy Cat LadKerrieFaRayhachahsunPitty_KittyMountainMomNix66Shilviya18HeistCassDKCullen127Erika0811Tess92crisb143NailBiterLisal6715 16 votes


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