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Why SHALL I buy from the store ?

BettinaRick Posts: 88 Level 2

Hi all,

I'm stuck - again - for several days now, since they removed the F5 Team and it's impossible for me to level up, unless I buy from the hundreds of offers that keeps on showing on my screen.

I'm playing through Facebook by the way - not on my mobile - and haven't got cinema or the pumpkin to claim boosters from. Only the Chocolate box, if I'm lucky enough to gather all from it.

WHY is it, that I am prevented from getting on further, but always have to wait for 4-5 days - UNLESS I buy one the offers ? I am not going to buy a thing - we are having a huge inflation in Denmark where I live, and I cannot afford to buy anything from this game. I just think it's somewhat unfair to let people get stuck for so many days, just to see if they can force you to buy!

I'm one of the many, who have lost so much interest in this game - not only did they limit our lives received and spent - now this ? Do they really want players to leave the game or what the heck is going on?


  • Doondie
    Doondie Posts: 366 Level 3

    May I suggest you tried playing on mobile (or Android emulator on PC) instead? With your progress linked to your FB account, you should be able to continue where you left off. Hopefully, you'll get the missing features.

    Is this actually intended or a known bug when you play on desktop? What about @ZsazsaSusan's warning? 🤔

    "don't purchase anything or those free incentives will disappear. I made the mistake of going after a 1st time buy special because I had a 99 cent credit on Google pay. Sweet sam gone. Extra chance gone."

    As for Choco Box, I believe only 3rd box requires new levels or the use of powerful boosters. All other task groups, including in 3rd box, can be completed by repeating old levels.

  • ZsazsaSusan
    ZsazsaSusan Posts: 68 Level 2

    Donnie congrats on your race badge for the 100 levels. Only 14 completed the challenge so far

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