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Ready to shine in the sweetest competition of the year? Here's your quick guide to dominating the All Stars Tournament leaderboards and earning your spot in the next stage!

How to Compete:

  • Find the Purple Star Candies: Keep your eyes peeled for the precious purple star candies in regular levels. These are your tickets to climbing the leaderboard!
  • Not All Levels Have Purple Candies: Don’t be surprised if some levels don't have them. Just move to the levels where these purple stars await.
  • Joining the Tournament: Each time you complete a level with purple candies, you'll join the tournament leaderboard. Remember, only levels with the purple candies count!
  • Instant Action: As soon as you finish a level with purple star candies, you're in the game! If you don’t see the update immediately, don't worry. Sometimes it takes a moment to see your name in lights.

Tracking Your Progress:

  • Event Card: Your Event Card is your personal leaderboard dashboard. Check it often to see how you stack up against the competition.
  • All Stars Hub: For all the nitty-gritty details and updates, head over to the All Stars Hub in-game. Knowledge is power!

Prepare to collect, compete, and conquer. Your journey to All Stars glory starts with a single purple candy. Find them, collect them, and show the world you've got what it takes to be an All Stars Champion!

🍬💜 Let the games begin, and may the sweetest crusher win! 💜🍬

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