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All star candy crush 2024 serious issue

sablegemma Posts: 22 Level 2
edited May 9 in All Stars

I wanted to share a very disappointing experience re subject above. I have sent this request below numerous time to customer care and they just keep responding that they will contact you soon. They never did. What is.confusing is that this morning I sent request for a minor issue and there we get an immediate response. In my opinion this is not acceptable. I would like to hear from members if they’ve been getting the same service level.

Here the email I have been sending to customer care

I will try my best to explain the situation encountered when playing the last round of the final knockouts on May 27, 2024.


I started playing at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. Around noon I arrived at level 8843 (see attached pic). At that time I recognize that I could continue accumulating purple candies at the level and keep playing and purposely not finishing the level right away.


Around 10:00 p.m. I had to take a bathroom break. On my return the level I was playing was closed and I had to restart the level and start over. Would of this not happen at that time I had accumulated in excess of 200000 purple candies. This would of give me over 6 million points on the leaderboard if you take 200000 X 30. Instead I ended with 200000 point X 1. I checked the leaderboard and the top player had already accumulated around 3 million points. Therefore I could not have been able to make up the lost points and time.


Given my informatic background I am aware that your IT services can confirm what I am saying. In addition, your IT analysts can confirm my past leaderboard scores was always in the millions. This obviously demonstrate that I am more than capable of reaching these numbers.


I please ask that the following :


1- That this issue and email be shared to the highest level at candy crush who I have the authority to make decision in complicated and serious matter

2- That Candy Crush IT team investigate and confirm that I am being honest that I should at minimum be granted the over six million points. This would put me in the first place were I belong and guaranteed a chance at the final tournament in June 2024

3 - That you get back to me with the results before the other finalists be advised to be fair to the other competitors.

4 - That all request above is answered as soon as possible



I am available to answer and clarify any questions you may have

I thank you in advance of your assistance and compassion in this regard





<level 8843.jpeg>
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