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โ›“๐Ÿ”“ Order Locks - New challenging and sweet feature in Candy Crush Saga!

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Don’t be shocked, if your candies suddenly are locked!

A new blocker is coming to the game. 

This blocker will lock in candies on the game board, the Order Lock is here!

What is the Order Lock exactly?

The Order Lock looks like caramel laces and is going around a group of candies on the game board.

No candies inside can be crushed or moved until the Order Lock has been removed.

On this level you’ll have two Order Locks located in each bottom corner of the game and locking in a total of 16 candies.

How to remove the Order Lock?

In each Order Lock or group of candies you’ll find the order that needs to be collected. 

Any type of candy or blocker in the game that can be part of an Order Lock, e.g. Color Bombs, Blue, Red, Green Candies, Striped Candies, Frosting, Chocolate. 

The number next to the target icon shows how many you will need to collect in order to unlock and clear the Order Lock from the game board. 

On this level you’ll find 6 different Order Locks with four different targets.

If a target is doubled like with the Striped Candies on the level above. Each Striped Candy you match will count in both locks.

Once the number has reached zero in an Order Lock, it will disappear and the candies inside it are released!

The Order Locks will appear from level 7896 and be available on W10 on 23 September. Facebook and mobile devices will feature the Order Locks on 7 October. 

Have you played any levels with the new feature yet?

Were the orders tough to reach or a piece of cake?

What did you think about the Order Locks, let us know!

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