Having trouble with nightmare levels

I’m on level 3783, and these darn levels keep taking longer and longer to beat. Any pointers?


  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 42,033 Game Expert

    @spryan35 Level 3783 is a jelly level with only 15 moves.

    You have a choice at the start of the level, you can either make moves beside the spawner to destroy it, or at least stop it from spawning licorice, or you can work on clearing the cake at the bottom of the board. I did a bit of both. It doesn't really matter if the spawner covers the top corner with licorice as the blast from the cake will clear any licorice once you destroy it.

    There is a frog under the chocolate which you should fill up as soon as it is uncovered and you can use it to clear any last few jellies once the board is almost cleared, or use it on the spawner if you can't destroy it any other way.

    You need to make every move count as there are none to spare, so look at the board carefully before every move and don't miss any chances to make good combos.

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