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Lever 1142

V worst level u made it so hard that people r unable to complete it do some changes


  • hechicerillahechicerilla Posts: 9,511 Ambassador

    Hello πŸ‘‹. Welcome to the sweet King Community.

    Here's another player's advice (not mine) I hope they are helpful. Good luck and keep enjoying.

    This is one of the most frustrating levels in the whole game.. If you are very lucky and everything goes right for you it seems easy. If this happens to you go out immediately and buy a lottery ticket!

    Level 1142 can be done without switching 2 colour bombs together, but that is by far the easiest way to complete the level.

    Don't try using boosters at the start as you will waste them and they hardly help at all.

    Save your switch hands and lollipop hammers if you have any and use them only to get 2 colour bombs together, and then only if it is fairly early in the game so you have plenty of moves left to get the ingredients down the board.

    If you can't get the colour bombs don't give up as it is still possible, but you need to get rid of the chocolate in the bottom part of the board, or at least enough to give a path through for the ingredients.

    Stripes and strip/wrap combos will remove the chocolate but you need several as it will keep growing as soon as it is unlocked.

    Be careful not to allow the ingredients on the outside to slip onto the ledge and get stuck.

    I used a lollipop hammer to get the two colour bombs together, but the second video is made without boosters.

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