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LyndallDLyndallD Posts: 94 Level 2

When I clicked on Accept I lost everything. No gold bars, no boosters, no F5 Team, no Fast Race even though I am still playing Level 1395. They have put me back to a Newbie at level 1 with a new picture. Not happy at all.


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  • LyndallDLyndallD Posts: 94 Level 2

    Still showing up as Team Owner in need4more but King has placed me in another F5 Team with no name and no owner. Waiting for King to reimburse me with all my boosters and gold bars and reinstate my level to 59. How can I be ID level 2 but still be playing game level 1398. Have sent message to King and now waiting on a reply.

  • karenrosenbalmkarenrosenbalm Posts: 1 Newbie

    I am unable to request lives. Playing though my FB. Any suggestions?

  • LyndallDLyndallD Posts: 94 Level 2

    If any of your Facebook friends also play Candy Crush you can request lives from them. When it asks for "Ask for Lives" type in their ID's in the request option.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,040 Community Hub Moderator

    Hi guys, welcome to our community! @LyndallD I can help you get your progress back. First you have to get your user ID # by following the steps from here. Once you have the number, please complete the contact form from this link: https://soporto.king.com/contact

    They can manually go into your new account and get you back to where you were. It might take a couple of days before you get a response so please be patient. You should get an email with a ticket number on it. Please make sure to use this topic and subtopic when completing the form. You will receive a bot email. Respond back to it and then you will hear from someone in Player Support.

    @karenrosenbalm are you saying that you click to request lives but it won't send out the notice? To get Facebook friends for your game you have to join a Facebook group and ask the members to add you as a friend and then they will show up in your game. If you have friends already on Facebook for your game then you might want to check out your Facebook settings. Click on the setting icon in your Facebook account and then scroll down to Apps and Websites. When that comes up check the "Expired' tab to see if your game is listed there. If it is then edit and save and it will be active again. If it's not there, then check in the 'Active' tab. Click on the game and check to make sure that the Friends List is turned on.

  • LyndallDLyndallD Posts: 94 Level 2

    Hi Elsa, LyndallD here. I tried to do what you said about finding my User ID#. When I open the game all that shows up is Play and Save my Progress. There is NO My Profile showing up. When I click settings it just says my account there is no my profile. When I click on my picture and go into my profile account there is no ID#.

  • LyndallDLyndallD Posts: 94 Level 2

    Hi Elsa, Please ignore the previous message, I now have my User ID#. Thank you for your assistance

  • LyndallDLyndallD Posts: 94 Level 2

    Hi Elsa, I have got my user ID# and have completed the Contact Form with Topic and Sub-Topic including my User ID#. I have received the Bot email but it didn't include any Ticket Number. I did respond to the Bot email and included my User ID# but have not received any emails or progress from Player Support as at Australia Time Thursday 20th May.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,477 Level 4

    @LyndallD, have they sorted out your issue. I have something similar, I cannot log into my game at all.

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