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BUILD A BOT is a CHALLENGE. You;ll have to PASS 5 LEVELS WITHOUT LOSING A LIFE. It appears WITHIN THE GAME that you BEAT as shown on the TOP PHOTO. You can also find this under FUN EVENTS by CLICKING ON THE GOLD CUP. Before this, I WON 4 CONSECUTIVE GAMES, LOST THE 5th so I am STARTING OVER. 


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    Hello there, @DandyLane ! Welcome to the Community! A Fantastic Friday to you!

    It depends on what you were expecting to happen. What were you expecting, if I may ask?

    Normally, the Booster Bot appears towards the end of the Completed Level. If you don't see it there, click on the Events Icon. When it opens, go down to the very bottom of the list and you'll see what you got. If there is nothing, then it is about time to record the game to show the discrepancy and what is or are missing.

    Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have other questions!

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    Build a bot Not available may game problem please help me

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    Please give build-a-bot

    Welcome, newcomer.

    At least you have found some other similar topics (such as this), so you should know by now that it isn't called that anymore; but look for the win streak...


    Please help me

    OK then, try the following:

    Assuming your game is saved, log out of it and close the programme for a minute or so (even turn off your device & restart it); then open it and log back in, also try clearing the cache (not data) to see if it will help.

    Those are the standard things to do when encountering this sort of thing, but do not delete the game in the attempt to restore the feature; saved boosters & received game lives go with that, see this.

    But you're basically at the mercy of those tasked with maintaining the game on whether or not you get this restored to you...

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  • upuupu Posts: 11 Level 2

    Build a bot Not available my game problem please help

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    Win streak not available help

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